Our Value Proposition

We improve your Efficiency, convenience and profitability

We have acquired unmatched expertise over the last four decades of trading in a large variety of food ingredients. We are known to always meet, sometimes extremely challenging, needs of our customers. We closely follow the market trends and demand cycles and are prepared for any unforeseen situation. This way we always protect our customers from market volatility.

What this means to our customers is that in Teck Sang they have a reliable and trustworthy supplier who will ensure that their business continues without interruptions. The following advantages sum up our value proposition;

  • We have reliable sources for a full range of products so that you don’t have to run around for your procurement
  • We only deal in reliable and genuine food stuff
  • Thanks to our wholesale purchasing we pass on reasonable price to our customers
  • We have a team of efficient personnel who offer prompt and friendly services
  • We always maintain on time delivery
  • We offer great geographical advantage to overseas importers. Singapore with it excellent shipping facilities, free port helps us to ensure efficient and short shipping time to any part of the world
  • We have our own warehouse, cold storage and delivery teams so that we can minimize logistic costs for customers.


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