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Payment Methods

We accept popcular Internet payment modes. We also provide COD(cash on delivery) service as well.

1. What are the modes of payment?

Visa, MasterCard and Amex are accepted via the PayPal payment gateway as well as COD payment at Checkout.

2. Can I pay using PayPal even if I do not own a PayPal account?

Yes. You do not need a PayPal account in order to make payment for your order. To pay without a PayPal account, select the Debit/Credit card payment option.

3. What if I have questions pertaining to my PayPal account?

You may contact PayPal Customer support.

4. Why am I on the same payment page again after submitting my details for payment? What can I do?

Your session may have timed out due to inactivity, hence your order could have failed. Please close the current payment page, log in again to your eStore account, check Your Shopping Cart and place your order again.

5. Can I request for an official invoice to be sent to my billing address for my order?

Yes. We will be able to issue hard copy invoices to your billing address and need recipients to sign off the delivery note.

However, you also may log in to My Account and search under the records of your orders under Orders to view and print out a copy of your invoice.

6. Can I request for a separate invoice to be issued to my company for the order I have placed?

No. We would not be able to issue a separate invoice as your order has been paid directly with you Debit/Credit Card.

7.Goods & Services Tax

AllPrices on the website are includes Goods & Services Tax (GST).