About Us

Teck Sang is one of those companies that heralded the vibrant trading sector of modern Singapore. This business empire is a brainchild of our respected founder Mr. Seit Wing Yun who migrated to Singapore from Hong Kong to Singapore in 1968. His initial venture was Ideal Food Industries – a manufacturing unit he set up in Jurong under the EDB (Singapore Economic Development Board) scheme to manufacture Chinese Sausages, which we are supplying till date under the famous     “精美牌”.

He was in search of a trading outfit and hence bought over Teck Sang.  In the year 1973, his nephew Mr Sit Kin Ming, a graduate in electrical engineering from Hong Kong joined him in Singapore. Over the years they helped our company to become one of the largest players in the industry. Later they augmented the top management team by inviting Mr Gan Kim Ban to us as our Chief Sales Manager. Mr. Gan has over 50 years of experience in the food distribution industry. Together these gentlemen worked shoulder to shoulder in unity over forty years. Under their able leadership our company grew from strength to strength across the region and abroad. Teck Sang has an affiliated company in Hong Kong, On Hing Ho Ltd.

Mr Sit Chee Chung graduated with a degree in Economics and Business Management. He worked several years in a private institution and bank before joining the family business in 2011   Now he represents the third generation leadership within the group. A highly focussed yet innovative person by nature, he injected many fresh business ideas, products and services thereby opening new avenues for company’s growth. Noteworthy is the fact that while doing so, Chee Chung has skilfully blended modernity with the rich culture and traditions that helped Teck Sang to grow consistently for the past 40 years.

Mr Seit Wing Yun also owns Pan Seas Enterprises Pte Ltd, a fresh and frozen seafood company  currently run by his son, Mr Arthur Seit Kin Sun.

Looking beyond today
We are now poised to take on the myriad growth and expansion opportunities offered by the increasingly global economy. We have embraced technology in warehousing and cold storages to deliver efficient and reliable services while maintaining the quality and freshness of the products we deal in. We are on the path of forging new partnerships with our global partners both on the demand and supply side of the food industry.
We are ideally positioned to leverage on Brand Singapore and the enviable advantages offered by Singapore what with its excellent ports, professional banking system, logistics facilities and trade treaties with a significant part of the world.



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